The Bora Bora Institute of Technology

The Research

The mission of the Bora Bora Institute of Technology is to develop new surfboards. We work with industry partners from around the world to experiment with new materials and designs.

Besides the glorious Pacific Ocean, we test boards on our state of the art facility where we can create waves of any shape, size and speed. Our researchers are not only trained in fluid dynamics and physics, but are are also great boarders who take immense pleasure on testing each design.

The Brains

Kasole Nyembo – Lead Researcher

Our Community

The Bora Bora Institute of Technology is located in the Yukon Territory overlooking the beautiful Arctic Ocean. Our campus is full of activities, as well as great food and drinks.

We invite to come visit our campus and labs!

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Nyembo Kasole – Lead Surfboard Tester

The Testimonials

Kasole is my favorite researcher of all time! He is brilliant
@ lowfiveinc

Thanks to Bora Bora we developped an award winning board!

It’s so easy to work with Bora Bora. Their team of researchers is so professional!

From day 1 Bora Bora understood our business. I absolutely recommend them!


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The Lab

In 2016 we have received a $100 million grant from the Canada Foundation for Innovation to open our state of the art lab. In that lab, we have wave machines where we do research on fluid dynamics and waves in order to design the best surfboards. We pair the machine with our Artificial Intelligence software where we analyze the experiments in other to optimize performance.

We also have a 100 square meters 3D printing machines where we manufacture custom made surfboards. We work very closely with industry to test board designs and to build prototypes. We invite you to visit our labs!

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The Community

(This section is to attract researchers and students) The Bora Bora Institute of Technology is situated on the beautiful shores of the Arctic Ocean. Besides the surfing, there are exciting things to do on campus.

We have great restaurants serving traditional food and coffee shops with beans coming from across the world. When it comes to outdoor activities, we are truly spoiled with mountains, the ocean and wide open space. We invite you to visit!

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