Decision Makers

Researchers contribute extensively to industry R&D, however the full application of their research is often underutilized due to restrictions in accessing published work behind paywalls, and the time to read and synthesize complex papers with highly technical language.

At 5minofscience, we remove these barriers. Whether you work for a technology firm trying to buy patents, a non-profit brainstorming new programs, or a government looking to adopt evidence-base policies, 5minofscience can connect you with researchers to drive the success of your project.

Your organization can benefit from partnering with academia through outsourcing R&D to experts who have spent a career finding applied solutions to problems facing your industry.

Tap into cutting-edge research undertaken by universities and colleges to radically transform your organization with effective processes and innovative products, services, programs and policies.

On top of that, governments across the world offer large subsidies to research projects involving cross-collaboration between industry and academia. These can cover up to 80% of the R&D costs.

We know you are busy so, we optimized the process of finding researchers.

With our comprehensive search, the 5minofscience network makes it easy to find researchers for potential partnership. Instead of reading long academic papers, you are able to watch a synthesis of a researcher’s recent work through our custom video shorts. Video transcriptions are searchable, and our profiles explain a researchers background and the significance of their work to your industry. When you decide on candidates for partnership, 5minofscience allows you to open a direct conversation with the researcher to introduce your project and begin your journey to success!

To start your research, either fill in a form of your needs and we will match you the appropriate researchers, or you can search our network!