Whether they work in the faculty of Science, Arts, Social Science, Engineering, Medicine, Business or Law, researchers in both colleges and universities spend countless hours finding solutions to the world’s many problems.

Unfortunately, that wealth of knowledge collects dust in academic journals because decision makers do not have the time to read complex papers or cannot access publications behind paywalls.

Connecting with decision makers does not necessarily mean selling a patent for millions of dollars. It can be partnering with a non-profit to pilot a new program to fight homelessness or being invited to a government panel to draft new policies.

Through these partnerships, researchers can have the satisfaction of applying their work to real life problems. By better understanding the needs of stakeholders, they can also discover new ideas or topics for their research and experiments.

Decision makers are eager to work with academia in order to turn ideas into viable products, services, programs and policies. However, since they are pressed for time, we optimized the process of finding researchers.

With our comprehensive search, vetted decision makers access the 5minofscience network to locate researchers for potential partnership. Instead of reading long academic papers, they are able to quickly view a synthesis of recent work through our custom video short hosting service. Our profiles give you an opportunity to explain your background, the significance of your work, and when a decision is made, decision makers are able to directly connect with you, the researcher.

If you do not have videos, do not worry! You can set up a free account without one.

However, we highly recommend a video short to have more matches. With our Silver plan, you can upload a video that you already have, for instance your 3-minute thesis, or with the Platinum plan, we produce a custom video short for you! Interested in learning more? See our section on plan pricing (it’s inexpensive!) and our video production process.

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