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Astuces pour professeurs : Monétisez votre blogue

Besides being used to express views and opinions, academics can also supplement their income through a blog. Because of their duty to remain neutral, they must, however, be creative when monetizing their blog. This article will teach you how to generate revenue in a subtle way that does not compromise your professional integrity. Building your […]

Astuces pour professeurs : Maintenir un blog de sciences

Blogs can help you build your career, secure research grants, find collaborators all over the world, and get ideas for new research. Academics are very busy people. Among other things, they must teach, mark, publish, and network. Despite all that work, we still suggest that you maintain a science blog. It can help you build […]

Astuces pour professeurs : Écrire un post des sciences

What event will you write about? Fundamentally, your blog post is a story about a particular event. First identify what event you want to write about and why it is of value to your readers. After understanding the purpose of the writing the story, jot down a list of every topic that must be covered. […]

Astuces pour professeurs : Prendre la meilleure photo pour LinkedIn

Your picture is one of the most important feature of your LinkedIn profile. It is your first opportunity to say that you are knowledgeable and personable. Not having a picture also makes it enormously difficult for people to find you, especially if you have a common name. In fact, LinkedIn estimates that a profile picture is associated […]

Astuces pour administrateurs : Rédiger une politique des médias sociaux

Social media is a free way to tap into your staff’s network and leverage their reputation in order to promote your institution Institutions should encourage their staff to become their brand ambassadors through Social Media (Why Encourage Your Staff To Have A Personal Brand). It is a free way to tap into their network and […]