Frequently Asked Questions

Curious about 5minofscience? We’ll try to answer the most common questions. Shoot us a message if you want to know more.

What is the objective of 5minofscience?

We noticed that great research is being done in universities and colleges that is not being used because it remains behind walls: either a paywall because of the prohibitive cost of journal subscription or a knowledge wall because academic articles are too technical.

At 5minofscience, our mission is to break the walls between academia and industry by building a database of videos of researchers talking about their work in a very simple way. On top of the videos, we are also building a platform where organizations can work directly with researchers, bypassing the heavy academic bureaucracy.

How did you come up with the idea?

The idea came to us on a trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo. There we talked to a professor working on cool ways to increase yield in cassava. However, right across the street from the university, there were farmers still using traditional means to plant that same cassava.

We thought that there must be a way to connect that researcher and those farmers. And the magical solution… videos!

What kind of researchers do you seek?

Although science is in the name, we seek all kinds of researchers from recognized post-secondary institutions. Whether your field of study is fine arts, engineering, economics or human rights, somebody out there can use your work in order to work smarter and create greater things.

How does the recording work?

The process is very simple and usually takes less than 40 minutes.

We work with a network of camera people worldwide. Once you are ready to do a shoot, we will send one of them to your institution. They will ask you three questions:

  • Introduce your team
  • Describe your research
  • Explain why it is important

The interview part usually takes 20 minutes. The camera person will use an additional 20 minutes to film B-rolls of your lab or of you working to make the videos more interactive.

Will we also be able to use the videos?

Of course! We will put the videos on our database so partners will easily be able to find you. But you have the full rights to use the videos on your website, social media accounts, newsletters…

Do you actively promote researchers on 5minofsicence?

We certainly do!

We share the videos with partners who will be interested in the research. They include:

  • Engineering companies looking for new solutions to old problems;
  • The media when they are looking for experts;
  • Governments non-for-profits when they need expert advice;
  • And much more!

How does the consulting with Woll Enterprises work?

Every researcher who has a video with us receives a free introductory consultation. Additional consulting fees vary based on the nature and scope of services.