Filming a video using your smartphone

You are very close to getting a professionally produced video through which to promote your research and your expertise. Videos are the best way to foster partnerships, whether they be with corporations, non-for-profits, government or even other researchers who do not work in your field and would not be able to find you otherwise.

Filming the 5 minutes videos should take less than 40 minutes and it is an awesome group exercise to do with lab members. Once filmed, we have a quick form to send all the clips so we can edit them. We give you an unlimited license to use your video on your 5minofscience profile, social media, university/college webpage

We recommend using a smartphone instead of a camera because the phone software optimizes the image so much better. The only issue is the sound. Rewatch the interviews before sending them to make sure that the audio is crisp and does not have background noise or buzzing.

Focus Tap on the subject to focus on it.
Zoom Don’t use it.
Stability Use a tripod for the interview. If you don’t have a tripod, hold the camera with two hands and lock your elbows into your body for extra stability. As long as you don’t move to much, our AI can stabilize the image.
Lighting Flood the room with light. Sunlight is best (subjects should face the window) but you can also use the lighting in your office or lab.
Placement Stay close to your subject, this will dramatically improve noise quality.
Sound That’s actually the most important part since current AI cannot adjust for sound. Make sure to film indoors, that there is no noise in the room, and that the camera is close to the subject. Alternatively, use a microphone.
Extra footage This part is optional since we can use stock video clips. You can upload 50 short clips of you working in your lab. That’s actually the really fun part.

We recommend taking multiple shots of the extra footage from different distance and angles. Slowly move the camera from left to right or up to down to make the clip more dynamic.

In the lab

  • Looking in a microscope;
  • Pouring solution in a a tube;
  • Talking to lab mates;
  • Lab equipment and supply;
  • Using a machine;
  • Experiment;
  • Walking into or out of the lab…

In your office

  • Working on the computer;
  • The computer;
  • Writing on the blackboard;
  • The bookshelf;
  • Office plants;
  • Office supplies;
  • Name plate outside the building;
  • Talking to students or colleagues;
  • Walking into or out of the office…

Around the building

  • Sign outside or inside the building
  • Walking in the hallway;
  • Talking to students and colleagues in the hallway;
  • Walking into or out of the building…