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Dr. Ali Reza Montazemi


Using machine learning and big-data in the business world, including failure analysis and understanding behaviour behind investment decisions

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Professor Montazemi specializes in the design and development of information systems in support of business process effectiveness and efficiency. His research and consulting include business application of artificial intelligence, decision support system modelling and assessment, business process design through information technology, human-computer interaction, and intelligent agents in support of e-commerce.

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In the area of AI artificial intelligence there are a few areas that I have worked in. One is expert systems. With the expert system the idea is to identify the rules in terms of an if-then statement and then that is extracted from experts and then use the AI engine in order to sift through those rules and figure out how to respond to questions for new actions.

Another area is a case based reasoning case based reasoning. The whole basis of case based reasoning is that human don’t think in terms of digits 0 and 1. We actually learn cases. What does that mean? It means that as we grow up we come up with new problems new issues and as we solve them that becomes a case.

Another area is neural networks so the whole idea of the neural network is that like human neurons that’s how we learn we connect neurons together. As we practice something the neurons are connected and then based on those connections then we do the task and we realize or solve the problem.

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We developed the case based reasoning methodology a while ago and it was tested in major corporations including aerospace. The idea was how to repair aeroplanes, for example, before they fail. The idea was developing a series of cases and then the system would sift through it and figure out what would happen at any point in time now we use the neural network in what we call the intelligent tutoring systems for students.

So the idea is that as the students go through series of question and answer the system figures out how fast they are doing and how much error they are making, and if they are making errors it tells them where they should study. Presently we are looking at how to understand human investors how to identify the exact nature of behaviors of the people when they want to make investment.

The idea is to take advantage of big data analytics and AI and fuzzy logic in order to combine them to understand the nature of the clients.


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McMaster University

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Management of companies and enterprises

Management of companies and enterprises