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Dr. Barbara Siembida Lösch

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Improving, developing and optimizing processes linked with the treatment of municipal water, waste water and bio-solids

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Dr. Barbara Siembida-Lösch brings 15 years of broad (inter)national experience from both the private and academic sector, having worked in the field of water/wastewater engineering. Barbara holds B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Environmental Engineering; she completed her Ph.D. at the Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany in wastewater treatment. In her Postdoc role with the University of Waterloo, Barbara undertook detailed optimization of full-scale drinking water treatment facilities. Her scientific expertise translates to helping clients looking to innovate, overcome barriers, and develop a deeper understanding of how their technology works.

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Fleming College – Frost Campus, Albert Street South, Lindsay, ON, Canada


Fleming College

I have a knowledge mobilization grant.








Construction of buildings

Administrative and support, waste management and remediation services

Waste management and remediation services

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Introduce your team

Hi I’m Dr. Barbara Siembida Löschand and I am one of the research scientist at the Fleming College Center for the Advancement of Water and Wastewater Technologies. The CAWT is a team of research scientists, research engineers, technologists, technicians, water quality specialists, as well as a number of students and interns.

We all have our roles in the projects that we undertake but overall we work as a team and pull our knowledge and experience into each project.

Describe your research

Here at the CWT we perform applied research that is partner oriented and partner directed. Our industrial and academic partners come to us with their water and wastewater technologies and we help them find solutions to take their technologies to the next level and beyond.

One of the solutions may be improvement, development, or optimization of their product technology or idea. The technologies range from basic principles or concepts to prototypes or finished products that meet third-party validation or certification.  Through our validation and certification services our partners gain distinction and market entry.

Since water is such an important part of everything that we do, the uses and applications of the technologies are quite varied so every project that we undertake is different which makes our work interesting and exciting.

Explain its significance

Here in our analytical lab we have the tools to analyze an impressive suite of water wastewater or bio solids quality parameters. The information we gather is extremely valuable to the projects that we work on as our partners can better understand how efficiently their technologies can remove different contaminants, like for example pharmaceuticals.

Around the world water regulations are getting tighter and we can give our partners accurate information on how their technology performs. To this day a large amount of the worlds waste goes untreated and released into nearby water systems. This pollutes the water and has enormous environmental and health implications. In areas with water shortages, water recycling and reusable technologies can ensure that we effectively utilize the existing water resource in a safer way.

Finally we are also driven by helping our partners to innovate and bring their technology to market. This helps their businesses grow and continue their success.