Carlos Torres


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Lambton Water Center



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Carlos Torres


Developing proof-of-concept, validation, and commercialization strategies in water and wastewater treatment

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Carlos Torres is the research coordinator for the Lambton Water Center here at Lambton College. The Lambton Water Centre was established in 2013 and is based on a five year College and Community Innovation Program – Innovation Enhancement Grant from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC). The Water Centre received this grant to respond to the growing provincial and federal interest in the improvement, development and commercialization of water and wastewater treatment technologies, and systems for both municipal and industrial applications.

Describe your research

Our main goal is to provide support and expertise to our industry partners in areas such as proof-of-concept, validation, and commercialization strategies in water and wastewater treatment.

Explain its significance

Sustainable water and wastewater treatment technologies are an excellent way to reduce our environmental impact and conserve our water resources, which is what we are trying to achieve. Here through collaborative studies with Lambton College, our industry partners are able to push their technology to market as well as develop demonstration facilities towards their commercialization plan.


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Lambton College

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Public administration

Local, municipal and regional public adminstration