Claude Paul Lafrance


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Claude Paul Lafrance


Using ultra performance liquid chromatography linked with mass spectrometry to analyze complex plant extracts

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Mr. Claude-Paul Lafrance holds a master’s degree in chemistry. He works as a professional researcher in chemistry since 2006 at TransBIOTech.

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I developed an expertise in ultra performance liquid chromatography linked with mass spectrometry. I essentially work with this machine. It is a high resolution mass spectrometer that is coupled with ion mobility. We use the machine to analyze plant extracts, so complex extracts that contain many molecules. What we are able to do is that it gives us precision to the fourth digit on masses. We are able to identify tentatively molecules that are present in extracts.

Explain its significance

What we can do with this technology is to eventually compare two sample groups, a control and a second. For example, we did experiments on different types of teas. We analyzed green teas and Pu’er teas, so aged teas. Because a technology of multivariate statistics, we are able to identify the components, that are bio-markers of each family of tea.

For green teas, they were already well known components such as catechins. However, for Pu’er teas, which are much less know, we are able to identify lipids that could be responsible for biological activities that are associated with these teas.


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Cégep de Lévis-Lauzon

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Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting

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Food manufacturing, Beverage and tobacco product manufacturing