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Fabien Raspail


Using photogrammetry and artificial intelligence to digitally reconstruct real objects for video games, films and online stores

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For 5 years, he worked in the world of video games. Who worked mainly with Unity 3D, he followed its evolution and he developed a strong expertise with this game engine.

One of his last experiences was to design and implement a framework for production projects. Thus he has worked with a team on the development of many tools to improve and facilitate the production of a hundred projects. I know the constraints of mobile, Console and PC projects.

Overall his skills are not only limited to video game. His studies have brought him knowledge in industrial systems and artificial intelligence. He had the opportunity to work with several 2D / 3D artists as well as the sound aspect of the games. Working with the different professions interests him enormously. He presents a lot of interest in the field of serious game and the development of new technology (VR, AR, automation, robotics, …).

Describe your research

My main research is to create the most automated pipeline possible to ensure that artists do not lose their time recreating a real object when it already exists. When take a picture of the object and put it through an algorithm that allows us to reconstruct it. From this reconstructions we have a series of action that can be done and tools that we can apply.

This is the famous pipeline. This pipeline allows for the change in the form of the object, its reconstruction and the application of texture. Following the application of the texture we are able to change the type of topology.

Will they be triangles, will they be quads or will they be totally different if needed, we can then find further optimization through the size of the object in terms of weight or quantity of definition points to have something that is more adapted to different structures in which it will be used: films, video games, internet games. What we do does not conflict with the work of the artist but it assists it enormously.

Where an artist could 4-5 hours to do models without necessarily being satisfied, we will be able to give her something with which she can redesign in an environment that will match the final object. Therefore, it is a much faster pipeline.

Explain its significance

Working at CDRIN is a unique opportunity because of the opportunity to collaborate with people in the production sector, that needs something concrete. But also to collaborate with other people who write papers designed to improve this process. So we are the link between theory and practice. This is exactly what we do at the CDRIN.

Meaning that companies come to us with problems that are common daily problems: how to improve the process to allow the artist to save time in the reconstruction. How to facilitate things so they can focus on much interesting tasks.

It is a bit what we do with the photogrammetry system where we try to elaborate, advance and determine the steps necessary to improve the process by putting in place a photogrammetry pipeline, meaning the capture and reconstruction. It is with these different steps of the pipeline that we try to meet to our best of our ability the different industries with that contact us: video games, films, online stores, and many more. This pipeline is developed to allow us to look for all the gaps and reach further on to improve the process.

CDRIN is also starting to specialize itself in artificial intelligence. Looking at how this new component that is coming into our lives will allow us to go even further to make the process even more efficient and even faster. We are most interested in this, since many companies want to know more about it.

We are able to leverage our knowledge that we have acquired and apply it little by little to the different partnerships that we have with the industry. Therefore, we are able to push every step a bit further. Every company has its specific need. This is the interesting aspect of the our work, that allows us to focus on one aspect of the pipeline and see what can be done.


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Cégep de Matane

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Information and cultural industries

Motion picture and sound recording industries, Broadcasting (except Internet)