Dr. Gina Castro Sanguinetti


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National Bee Diagnostic Center




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Dr. Gina Castro Sanguinetti


Identifying the characteristics of bee colonies associated with natural bio-resistance to viruses and improving the selection of the best population

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Gina works for the Laboratory of Veterinary Microbiology and Parasitology at the National University of San Marcos, Peru. As a doctor of veterinary medicine (DVM), Gina has worked on several research projects at the University related to animal health of domestic species. Recently, she has expanded her research experience into honey bee health working at the National Institute of Agrarian Innovation, Peru. The focus of Gina’s research was to identify the main viral agents affecting Peruvian honey bees. “In Peru, there are not too many studies at this level,” Gina said. “As a veterinarian interested in animal health, I wanted to introduce this field to the university where I work.”

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I came here to join the project of identification of honey bee viruses of the region and in this project I am quantifying the positive samples in order to get information that could be useful for identifying the characteristics of bee colonies associated with natural bio-resistance and of course for improving the selection of the best populations.

The National Bee Diagnostic Center is a very important lab here in Canada. It’s located strategically in the main region of beekeeping. It has a lot of working material, so it was easy to research here.

Being here has been a very rewarding experience because I had the opportunity to increase my lab skills I had the opportunity to be involved in a really huge and important project and of course increase my research network.

It would be interesting to repeat this kind of studies with other professionals in Peru too.


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Grand Prairie Regional College

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Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting

Animal production and aquaculture