Julia Fischer


Full name

Julia Fischer


As a Public Outreach Officer, my role is to engage with school children and their teachers as well as the wider public by coordinating our public engagement activities and leading our public lab.

Type of researcher

Outside Academia (Masters)

Introduce yourself, your experience and your credentials

I‘m a curiosity-driven neuroscientist with also a strong focus on science communication and women in STEM. I love not only teaching people of different scientific topics but also just chatting with them while having a pint. What a happy coincidence that I’m also the Bonn city coordinator of Pint of Science.

Describe your research

As a public outreach officer, I do not perform research anymore, but bringing together wider public and scientists.

Explain its significance

Not many people know what scientists are doing, what our motivations and aims are. I would like to change that.


Institution name


Type of institution

Research Instite