Lyndsay Rayner


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Lab name

Dr. Juliet Daniel Lab



Full name

Lyndsay Rayner


Finding the underlying mechanisms responsible for Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Type of researcher

Research Assistant (Non-PhD Student)

Introduce yourself, your experience and your credentials

My name is Lyndsay Rayner and I am a master’s student in the Department of Biology at McMaster University.

Describe your research

The main focus of my work in the lab is we look at a protein called kaiso which is a transcription factor which has shown to be highly expressed in a subtype of breast cancer called triple negative breast cancer. It is a highly aggressive and metastatic breast cancer and it’s typically diagnosed in women of African ancestry compared to Caucasian women.

It’s been speculated that there’s a genetic predisposition for a woman of African ancestry to have this subtype of breast cancer. My work focuses on examining the link between kaiso and this subtype of breast cancer.

Explain its significance

This work is very important because triple negative breast cancer does have really poor mortality rates compared to other subtypes of breast cancer. So finding the underlying mechanisms responsible for this type of breast cancer would have great clinical significance for patients that are suffering from this disease


Institution name

McMaster University

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Health care and social assistance