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Majura Maheswaran


Designing mobile and cloud computing medical software for entrepreneurs and hospitals

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Majura has completed both the Software Engineering Interactive Gaming and the Mobile Application Development and Testing programs at Centennial College. Majura has been working with WIMTACH as a mobile developer since 2012. He has worked with WIMTACH on multiple projects such as Magnusmode, ForAHealthyMe and Mobility Games in which he has contributed in UI implementation, web services and front-end functionality designing. He now helps current students from the Software Engineering department understand and experience the life-cycle of developing mobile applications.

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So here at WIMTACH when it comes to software development, we consider the entire software lifecycle that means from the beginning of designing, to implementing, to development, and then down to testing and then even into production.

Our main projects that we work on are in partnerships with the hospitals. All these software projects are really unique in their own sense some of them involve working with the employees at the hospitals itself or sometimes it involves creating an application targeting the patients that attend the hospitals in general.

In collaboration with our electronics team we developed a Internet of Things device it is an electronic door lock. Your common door locks only allows NFC cards. What makes it different with our device is basically we could use a mobile application to open up that door using either Bluetooth or the NFC on the actual phone.

In partnership with Scarborough General Hospital we developed a mobile application which helps new mothers during the pregnancy and after their child is born. It helps them gain the right resources and links on how to nurture their child, and how to take care and feed their child properly.

Another project that we worked on in partnership with the Scarborough General Hospital is called iMindful platform. It is a web platform that basically connects both a patient and a therapist together. It allows the therapists to assess the patient using modules that are stored online and if the patient and the therapist wanted to connect one on one they could do that from the comfort of their own home.

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So overall here at WIMTACH when it comes to software development if you have a problem we would always have a solution.


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Centennial College

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Professional, scientific and technical services

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