Maxim Maheux


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Maxim Maheux


Developing research projects to help companies in developing pre-clinical toxicity and pharmacological studies and test the efficacy components for these companies

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Mr. Maxim Maheux joined the TransBIOTech team in 2000 as a technician in analytical chemistry. In 2008 he completed studies in chemistry and works as a chemist in charge of the chemistry sector in the center and professional researcher in organic chemistry. He completed in 2012 a Master of metabolomics and he began a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences; he is the contact person for this activity sector.

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We work with natural health products, so molecules that come from nature. We have also developed with our veterinary and chirurgical services, biochemical analysis.

We are able to work with natural health products but related anything that originates from nature to biological activities and metabolization.

We also work with biological matrices with the veterinary clinic. This includes tissues, plasma and urine analysis.


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Cégep de Lévis-Lauzon

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Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting

Animal production and aquaculture


Chemical manufacturing

Health care and social assistance