Mylène Brochu


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Mylène Brochu


Helping clients develop a methodology to undertake chemical studies and to obtain a certification from the Order of Chemists for their studies

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Ms. Mylène Brochu holds a baccalaureat degree in chemistry and a college diploma in laboratory technology with analytical chemistry concentration. She works as chemist-researcher in chemistry projects at TransBIOTech.

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My main responsibility is to develop methods. If you ever, for example want to know which pigments are in your carrots, for instance Beta Carotene. I will do the literature review of subjects related to this molecule to find which analytical method we can use. Then I will develop the Beta Carotene method to calculate the exact amount in your carrots.

I am also responsible for the certification with the Order of Chemists. We have a seal.


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Cégep de Lévis-Lauzon

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