Pier-Marc Comptois Rivet


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Pier-Marc Comptois Rivet


Using algorithms and artificial intelligence to develop software for self-driving vehicles to improve fuel efficiency and detect obstacles using sensors to help it comprehend its environment, including for farm equipment and shipping trucks

Introduce yourself, your experience and your credentials

Pier-Marc graduated in electrical engineering from the ETS and has a Master in the field of mobile robotics. His thesis was to design a navigation system for a robotic inspection submarine at IREQ. At university, he acquired expertise in autonomous drones, control and acquisition of multi-sensors data through its involvement over many years in the student club Dronolab. Before joining IVI, he worked several years in robotic inspection in the aeronautical sector. He joined the team at the IVI as a project manager on the navigation system for the Arion project.

Describe your research

We work on three sectors. The first is energy efficiency. We also work on the electrification of vehicles, and also smart automobiles. This include autonomous vehicles and active safety systems.

We mostly work with partners. These partners want to optimize their processes, make their vehicles safer, build electric vehicles, and they want to save fuel. These are all things where we can work together to find solutions to answer their problems in an innovative matter.

I am a research engineer at the Institut Innovant. I mostly work in the design of navigation systems. This includes detection of pedestrians. The vehicle will be able to detect pedestrians using cameras and artificial intelligence. These are tools that we can program to have a safer vehicle.

I also work in scanning the environment. We install several sensors around the vehicle to help it comprehend its environment. We then analyze this data to allow the vehicle to understand its environment. We can finally let it interact and move the vehicle autonomously in that environment.

Explain its significance

There are a lot of usages to the development of intelligence in vehicle. We have a project, for example, that is a robot that removes weeds autonomously. This will increase productivity and precision when it comes to removing weeds.

Also, when it comes to industrial shipping, we have projects that allows us to transport vehicles in factories in a more efficient, smart and dynamic way while keeping security levels at their highest.

When we talk about autonomous vehicles, we can also talk about driving assistance or active security systems to reduce the number and seriousness of accidents, prevent accidents, and detect ahead of time what the driver missed.f


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Cégép de Saint Jérôme

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