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Dr. Pouria Tavakkoli Avval

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Designing and building custom medical hardware for entrepreneurs and hospitals

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Pouria has completed his PhD in Mechanical Engineering (Biomechanics) from Ryerson University. He has a rich background in scientific research, with a focus on health related projects, such as modeling mechanobiological mechanisms and developing orthopaedic implants. Pouria is a part-time professor at Centennial College in the School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science (SETAS) and has ten publications in peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings.

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Centennial College, Toronto, ON, Canada


Centennial College



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Introduce your team

I’m Jeziel Vidad. I’m the manager of Wearable Interactive and Mobile Technology Access Center in health of Centennial College. We are being funded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada and our main mandate is to serve the small and medium-scale companies. Their research and development component of their businesses.

Together with me today is one of my research associate Dr. Pouria Tavakkoli Avval.

Describe your research

My name is Dr. Pouria Tavakkoli Avval. I’m a Research Associate at WIMTACH and a faculty member in the automation and robotics program of Centennial College.

One of the project that we are currently doing is to design and develop a pill dispenser machine. It is a programmable device which dispenses a single pill at predetermined times it is a collaborative project between Centennial College and Toronto based company Exactment Ltd.

Another example of a project that we accomplished at WIMTACH was to design and develop a smart intravenous system the device measures the weight of the IV bag frequently and when it is about to finish it sends push notification to the nursing station and closes the IV line automatically.

Explain its significance

The goal of the Exactement project is to promote medical adherence and lower the cost of medical care in Canada. According to the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists one half of Canadians do not take their medication as prescribed and this is the main reason for 10% of hospital admissions and 23% of nursing home admissions.

The goal of the smart intravenous system project is to help nurses replace IV bag on time. If the IV bag is not replaced on time, it would cause medical complications for the patient.