Rebekah J White


Full name

Rebekah J White


Evolutionary biology and genetics (including theoretical evolution and nematology)

Type of researcher

Research Assistant (PhD)

Introduce yourself, your experience and your credentials

BSc, MRes

I am a current PhD researcher at the University of Exeter, focusing on the evolution and genetics of senescence (aging) using Pristionchus nematodes as a case study.

Last year, I completed an awesome project during my Masters of Research in Evolution at the University of Southampton, on the evolution genetics of a contagious cancer in Tasmanian Devils.

I did my undergraduate degree in biology at Southampton too, and my dissertation was a review on how human land-use changes effects the emergence and spread of zoonotic diseases. I am currently preparing this manuscript for publication.

Other works includes being part of Meliora: Journal & Symposium of International Student Sustainability Research, science communicator, and science writer for Exeter’s student newspaper (Exepose), Pint of Science volunteer, Vice President of Exeter Postgraduate Society, and PGR rep.