Samantha Tagliabracci


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Bluewater Technology Access Centre



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Samantha Tagliabracci


Developing, optimizing and testing novel processes that can result in either clean potable water or in water that is at least free from contaminants that may affect a downstream process

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Samantha Tagliabracci holds a Biotechnology Diploma from Mohawk College and a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Biology/Biological Sciences from the University of Waterloo. She joined Lambton College as a Bio-Analytical Lab Technologist in July 2016 and soon after took on the role of Research Associate in July 2017 with Lambton’s Water Centre & the Bio-Industrial Process Research Centre. Prior to her positions at Lambton College, Samantha worked as an Environmental Chemical Analyst in the area of Organics for Environment Canada. Samantha is involved in various research projects in which she conducts experiments and data analysis in collaboration with research leads, students and industry partners.

Describe your research

I work in the research analyzer lab and here we have over 30 pieces of analytical equipment that we use to support two research centers: the Lambton Water Center in the Bio-Industrial Process Research Center.

My role is to help develop the projects as well as conduct experiments and also to oversee some of the students that we have working in the lab. The research in our water and wastewater department focuses on developing optimizing or testing novel processes that can result in either clean potable water or in water that’s at least free from contaminants that may affect a downstream process.

With that being said that’s not our only research focus. We’ve even had a project that involve laundry. My role in the bio industrial area mainly involves working with small and medium-sized companies who have developed clean and sustainable technologies.

These technologies take agricultural and forestry residues they use them as feedstock to make their final commercial product. In addition to some of that research we also develop and optimize fermentation products. Things like alcohols and proteins.

Explain its significance

I think what we do at Lambton is so important because we offer a collaborative work environment between industry partners students as well as the Applied Research staff.

Our industry partners tend to be startups and small companies. Maybe they can’t afford the analytical equipment or the testing that we offer. They also may need some preliminary data to move from a small scale to a pilot plant.

For the students they come from a variety of programs: water and wastewater, chemical and production engineering, laboratory technician programs. They’re all really eager to get hands-on real-world experience, which I think that we offer to them. In addition to that they’re also able to network with some of the industry partners.

These are people that are already involved in the industry that they want to get into for myself and for the rest of the Applied Research staff. I think this is so important because not only do we get to offer our expertise to the industry partners in return we get to always continually learn about new processes and ideas in the biotech and water industries.


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Lambton College

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