Shakiba Ghaffari


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Lab name

National Bee Diagnostic Center



Full name

Shakiba Ghaffari


Extracting the DNA of drones the queen mated with to improve the diversity of the colonies and the resistance they have against different pathogens

Type of researcher

Research Assistant (Non-PhD Student)

Introduce yourself, your experience and your credentials

My name is Shakiba and I am a third-year chemistry student at York University. I am a Co-Op student here at the National Bee Diagnostic Centre working on the 2017 Stock Assessment Project.

Describe your research

The project I’m working on involves extracting the DNA  of drones the queen mated with. Essentially the more drones that the queen mates with increases the diversity or variation of the colonies and this translates into having a stronger colony.

So the more diverse the hive, is the better resistance they have against different pathogens and the more productive they could be and the more behaviors they could exhibit.


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Grand Prairie Regional College

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Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting

Animal production and aquaculture