Dr. Steve Reaume


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Bluewater Technology Access Centre




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Dr. Steve Reaume


Partnering with companies to develop new materials so they can get to that commercialization stage much faster than they would on their own

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Principal Investigator

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Steve holds a Doctorate of Philosophy from the University of British Columbia majoring in Chemical Engineering. Steve worked previously as a Chemical Engineer where he researched different methods for plant based polyol production and scale up of the process. In addition, he researched and designed washing, drying and purification methods for the produced polyols. Both have allowed Steve to gain extensive field experience. Steve has undertaken the role of Project Coordinator for the Bio-Industrial Process Research Centre (BPRC) within Lambton College’s Applied Research and Innovation office since October 2016. During his time here, he will been involved within numerous research projects as both a project coordinator and Principle Investigator (PI) role, ranging in research topics such as sugarbeet processing unit, vegetable protein separation and purification, biomass gasification, etc.

Describe your research

The lab we are standing in right now is called our advanced manufacturing and engineering research lab. What we do here is we develop new materials in collaboration with our industry partners.

So some of the equipment we have in here is a twin screw extruder, we have injection molding equipment, micro compounding equipment, and various grinders and drying equipment to produce new formulations of materials that can then be commercialized by the company itself.

Explain its significance

What we do here at Lambton is what’s called collaborative research. We partner with our industry partners to advance their research goals.

So unlike universities where they have their own natural set research, we partner with companies to advance their research goals, help with innovation, develop products so they can get to that commercialization stage much faster than they would on their own.


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Lambton College

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