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Dr. Yvan Boutin


Performing a bio-chemical analysis of molecules in food and cosmetic for entrepreneurs to understand their effects on the human body, such as their nutritional value or if they have inflammatory side effects

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Dr. Yvan Boutin holds a Ph.D. in Microbiology and Immunology from the Laval University. After being R&D director of a private company, he joined TransBIOTech to manage the sector of immunology.

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In the Biology Sector, our expertise is in the demonstration of different biological effects. We test different types of molecules. They can be natural molecules from plants or medications made from chemical synthesis, and we analyze the effects of these molecules on the immune system, and more precisely on inflammation. We have many inflammation model that allows us to evaluate their effects and the molecules.

So, in my sector we principally evaluate the potential of these molecules and we use relatively simple models to show that potential. They are in-vitro models, so we work with cultured cells. They can be cells that originate from the human skin or other organs.

We stress our cells so they can response with an inflammatory response. After that, we test the molecules to know if these molecules can reduce inflammation. This gives us an idea if these molecules can have an effect on inflammation. We notably work with intestinal inflammation. This includes certain diseases like Crohn.

From these data on molecules, we determine if they have potential. We can then test more complex models. For instance, my colleagues here at Transbiotech do animal testing. They will explain their research later.

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So we are very well equipped when it comes to instruments that can help us do our research. Whether it be in cellular biology, we are equipped for cell culture and we are also equipped for biology, biochemistry and immunology.

We have equipment like PCR in real time, plate readers, biological containers, automated fluorescence microscopes, and flow cytometers. Equipment that we can find in numerous specialized research labs such as ours and that ensures that we are very versatile on the type of research that we can do and the help that we can offer to different companies with whom we work.

Our main responsibility is to help companies, whether they be SMEs or even larger enterprises with their research and development. We walk with them through the research and development of therapeutic molecules.

We work on different areas. It could be nutraceutics or functional food. So a study or analysis of molecules from food that can be of interest to human health. As I mentioned earlier, we work mostly on inflammatory diseases.

We also sometimes work in cosmetics. We evaluate certain molecules, but also extracts that come from plants to verify, for instance anti-aging effects or to test the effect on the skin or scarring.

We perform different tests that allows us to undertake this evaluation and to help companies, our clients and our partners, whether they be from the private sector or academic partners, like universities. This is in summary our field of expertise and the different services that we can offer companies.


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Cégep de Lévis-Lauzon

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Chemical manufacturing

Health care and social assistance