Our Team

Kasole Nyembo
Founder and Chief Executive

Kasole is a former economist at the Government of Canada. He came up with the idea for 5minofscience on a trip to the Congo. There he saw the contrast between a researcher working on innovative ways to grow cassava, while right across the university farmers were still using traditional means to plant it.

He thought that there must be a way to connect that researcher and those farmers. And his magical solution was video.

Sean Burrett
Chief Creative Director

Sean, from Burrett Videography, started video production at the ripe age of 11. Since graduating from the television broadcasting program at Algonquin College, he has been been working to gain industry experience and expand his skills through working on a wide variety of projects for many different clients.

We are lucky to have him at 5minofscience as the Chief Creative Director. He is responsible for managing the team that edits all our videos.

Jenny Kataraka
Head of Marketing and International Outreach

Jenny Kataraka is a communications professional with extensive experience leading trade delegations and forums across Western and Central Africa.

At 5minofscience, she is responsible for our marketing and international outreach. The objective of 5minofscience is to change how academia and industry interact, and she is at the center of this mission.

Atul Sale
Representative of the Greater Toronto Area

Atul is the founder of GrayPandaFilms, which fuses communities, art and culture in order to create awareness through films.

He has experience with live events, artist/brand promotion, short film, feature length cinema and online content.

At 5minofscience, he is responsible for coordinating filming of university and colleges in the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario.

Nan Zhong
Senior Software Engineer

Nan is a software engineer from the University of Waterloo. He specializes in developing backend systems for data processing and cloud based system.

He designed our killer app that allows researchers to film themselves in HD using their phones, while being directed remotely and in real time from our Headquarters.

Using this technology, we can film researchers for much less, at their own pace, while maintaining top notch quality. Ask us about it!

Nickie Shobeiry
Manager of the 200 Videos Initiative

Nickie is an award-winning journalist and author, focusing on immigrant identities as expressed through art, culture and politics. As TV Host with Canada’s leading content creator, she explores the stories of women, youth and newcomer entrepreneurs. 

At 5minofscience, Nickie is running our most preeminent initiative, profiling the top 200 scientists in the world.

Twitter & Instagram: @NickieShobeiry
Website: www.nickieshobeiry.com