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Tips for Administrators: Broadcast Weekly Live Stream Shows

All you need is a reliable internet connection, a remote lapel microphone and a smartphone.

The advantages of live streaming

Live streaming is a new marketing tool that allows institutions to publish videos of live events. Even universities, like Harvard, now schedule regular live streaming sessions.  It is becoming so popular because it is inexpensive. Unlike a highly crafted video, high production values are not expected for live events, making it possible to stream with a minimal investment.

All you need is a reliable internet connection, a remote lapel microphone and a smartphone. We recommend smartphones over professional cameras because, with a phone app, all you need is to push a button to go live.

Another advantage of regularly streaming is to build a community. Your website will be a place where alumni, students and prospective students congregate and interact with each other on a regular basis.

What to broadcast

To attract a large audience, we suggest copying Harvard University’s model and have a page dedicated to live stream. On that page, post a schedule of future events. They can include:

  • Announcements: Broadcast press conferences announcing major donations or lectures from professors who have recently won a prestigious award.
  • Art: Art programs are traditionally underfunded. Raise their visibility among the donor community by broadcasting concerts or plays.

  • Ask an expert: Have a weekly show where a faculty answers questions live on camera about their work and their professional lives.
  • Quarterly report: In addition to sending email newsletters, broadcast, on a quarterly basis, a press conference on the state of your institution. It can include financial data that have to be made public, a summary of your accomplishments, and future strategies.
  • Museum demonstrations: Create a buzz in your community by broadcasting science demonstrations and having question and answer periods with younger fans.
  • Recruitment campaigns: Hold a live stream events with prospective students where they can ask questions to professors about your institution. Because of the minimal set up required for live streaming, each faculty or department can hold separate broadcasts.
  • Sports: College and university sports attract a big following. Broadcast live games of sports that typically do not receive media attention.

 Recommended apps

If you are looking for a free platform, we highly recommend YouTube Live. Not only can you start broadcasting with a push of button, but it is easy to embed the stream to your website, there are live discussions, works on both Android and iOS, and once the live stream is done, you can archive it for future viewing.

However, the drawback to a free service compared to paid on-demand video hosts is that you do not control content. If you more information about on-demand video hosting solution, visit us at