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Tips for Academics: Followers and How to Gain Them

Social Media requires followers, but how do you build your social media audience? This article will walk you through ten proven methods for increasing your followers across your social media accounts. Be consistent. You should aim to post two or three times a week, as an academic you should upload engaging and interesting content on […]

Tips for Academics: Social Media Lingo

Platforms Platforms are networks where users can share content and engage with followers Bloggers Blogs are platforms where web content is published. Posts are indexed by search engines for easy retrieval. They allow users to post material such as articles, news, pictures, videos… Blogging platforms include Blogger and WordPress. Relevance to researchers Blogs can be […]

Tips for Administrators: Why Use Videos

At 5minofscience we dramatically cut those cuts by professionally editing videos that researchers film themselves Videos are the preferred medium of marketers because of their ability to tell compelling stories. In response to this demand every major social media platform including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit not only allows for videos to be posted, but […]

Tips for Academics: What to Post on Social Media

Determining what to post on social media can be a daunting task. Here are some fun ideas on what you can share with your followers. If we missed something, include it in our comment section! Direct interaction with followers Polls: Facebook and Twitter offers the option to post polls. They are an effective way to have […]

Tips for Administrators: Why Encourage Your Staff to Have A Personal Brand

Done well, personal branding is a free way to leverage your staff’s network and reputation. What is personal branding? Personal branding is an ongoing process where individuals market themselves and their careers. The goal is to showcase their strength, experience and abilities in order to access more professional opportunities. The result is a dramatic increase […]